The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular Android smartphones out there. One of its many impressive features is called Samsung Hubs. These are content download services provided by Samsung, and I will take a closer look at Samsung Hubs in this article. samsung 55au7700

Music Hub
The Samsung Music Hub is a subscription based music streaming service. It currently has over 15 million tracks within its database from major record labels. It allows you to create an unlimited number of playlists, which can then be streamed to your Samsung Galaxy S2 and any other compatible Samsung device you may own, be it a tablet, laptop or smart TV. Like many other services like iTunes and Spotify, it intelligently suggests new music that you may be interested in based on your previous streaming, based on factors like artist and genre etc. Unlike some other streaming services, the Samsung Music Hub allows you to cache music files, which basically means that they will be temporarily stored on the handset; therefore you do not need an internet connection to stream them which would otherwise use up both extra battery life and data. This also has the added bonus of keeping more of the phone’s internal storage available. Of course, the Samsung Music Hub also allows you to purchase individual tracks or entire albums which you can then download, and keep permanently on the phone.

Social Hub
This is basically an interface which incorporates all of your information from various email accounts and social networking profiles. It allows you to easily view updates from all services on a single interface, which saves the need to log in to each one in order to check for updates and notifications. You can carry out tasks simultaneously, like update your Facebook status whilst posting a new Tweet on to your Twitter account. It also allows you to check multiple email accounts on the one interface. For example, if you use Gmail and Yahoo! email services, you can see the inboxes of both on a single screen. This allows you to get an overview of your inbox and prioritise the emails you want to read and rely to.

Readers Hub
Like Apple’s iBooks feature, the Samsung Readers Hub allows users to download books, magazines and newspapers to their phone. The interface is a virtual bookshelf with titles displaying the covers of their paper counterparts. You can open a book by tapping the appropriate one on the bookshelf and it will then open on the last read page. Newspapers and magazines can also be read and even subscribed to, so when a new issue is available it will be digitally delivered to the Hub. A surprising number of newspaper and magazine titles from around the world are included with this service and this number is being added to all the time.


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