There is an inexplicable connection between running my own business and watching sex scenes in the movies. No, I don’t run an escort service or sell pornography on the internet. But over my 44 years I have seen my share of over-the-top, consequence free, fire-works-in-the-sky, too-good-to-be-true, unencumbered, euphoric sex scenes. I don’t know about you, but what the movies show as typical have little in common with my experience.

What does this have to do with running my business? Years of watching Hollywood’s version of cinema sex have shaped my expectations of love-making. Likewise Independent escort in Dharamshala society’s idyllic vision of the small business owner and solopreneur has shaped my expectations of myself as a business woman.

Here’s some examples of what i mean… I expected to be on top, right away, being looked up to. I expected to always be in a new, exciting and comfortable position. I expected for it to work every time. I expected the people I worked with to be ecstatic with my job performance. I expected to go home with a smile on my face… everyday. I expected that nothing really bad would happen.

I have been disappointed and disillusioned. Running my own small business has not been the earth-shaking experience that i had thought it would be.

Instead it is more ordinary, filled with many ups and downs. I have good days and bad days. Days filled with pleasure and pain, joys and sorrow, separation and togetherness. Some aspects of my business exceed my expectations while others disappoint me. Having a business is like just every other aspect of my life… imperfect.

But as i ponder my quirky connection between sex and my business, I have discovered that the realities of sex can provide me with some business insights.

So, here we go… More often than not, everyone will not be satisfied to the same degree or at the same time. Often it is necessary to take matters into your own hands. You don’t have to have a big business to be successful and satisfy your customers. Packaging can be deceptive. (Ouch) It often takes time for things to warm up and produce the way you want them to. Patience is very important. Taking the time to establish the groundwork yields more explosive results. It is more ideal to nurture a few good customers that stay with you than to constantly be on the search for new ones. Resting after success is rejuvenating. Sometimes what seems like a barrier actually protects your interests. Sometimes it is important to say “no” to a deal that may have looked really good at the beginning. If you are going to play, you need to know the risks that you are taking and be willing to live with the consequences. Sometimes you may be uncomfortable but it will be alright.

Idealistic sex and business ownership (and anything else for that matter) can be fun to imagine and even strive towards. After all, it’s not wrong to want and work for fireworks-in-the-sky experiences. They do happen, occasionally. But remember, it’s the wise person who knows how to cherish and be pleased with the more common, realistic, ordinary joys of business and love.

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