For the first time player, visiting the game’s built-in Auction House feature can be somewhat overwhelming. Players who have never used it before will be overcome, wondering how much to charge for their items, what to expect from their auctions, and what to use for buyout prices. It’s impossible to provide you with a complete list of every item that sells in the auction house or how much things sell for. The game has an active economy, very much like the real world economy you see displayed on tickers and in the newspaper every day – things change often and the prices of your items will never be quite the same.

For this reason, Warcraft Millionaire will show you how to use the Auction House than you know what things sell for. When you learn how to use the Auction House correctly, it will not matter what items you are dealing with or how much they have fluctuated; you will know where to look and what to expect, making it that much easier to understand what you will be getting out of your time there.

Basic Tips for Getting Started in the Auction House

Many people think they need to head out into the world and spend a couple dozen levels moving up in the ranks of the game before they can set foot into the Auction House and start making gold. They think it’s impossible to start a Level 1 character and immediately take advantage of the opportunities this amazing aspect of the game has to offer.

That’s a complete misconception though. Starting at  Buy wow gold Level 1, before you have gained a single experience point, you can run yourself to the nearest major city and start using the Auction House. In fact, this is exactly what I have done before and it has made me a large sum of gold as a result – there’s no reason to ever spend time leveling up your character or gathering materials if you want to just start selling and making money.

This is the most fundamental way to use the Auction House; start a new character run to the nearest city and start buying and selling. Warcraft Millionaire will show you how to use the Auction House to buy and sell in a little while, but before that, you should stop and take stock of some of the things you should understand and be aware beforehand are.

Like any part of the game, if you jump into the Auction House head first without any kind of planning, you are going to have severe problems making any gold. Luckily, Warcraft Millionaire has created for you a 7 step preparation process that goes over every aspect of the Auction House that you need to understand. You may decide to bypass some of these steps – things such as Professions or grinding – but keep them in mind as useful possibilities.


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