All sorts of groups have cruise liners that go through the state of Alaska. These Alaskan cruise groups are ones that offer ships with all sorts of different features and services as well as many different types of rooms 集運. Many different types of specific cruise liners are used from these companies too.

Royal Caribbean is one of the best groups to check out. This group offers more than just trips in the Caribbean but also trips around Alaska. Many different onboard activities, including fitness centers, an onboard casino and live shows are included on the ship. Programs for kids of different age groups are offered as well. Royal Caribbean offers various ships for cruises in Alaska. The Serenade of the Seas, which is based in Vancouver, offers stops in Juneau and the Hubbard Glacier. The Rhapsody of the Seas, which is based in Seattle, has a route that goes along Juneau, Skagway and Victoria.

Norwegian Cruise Line has two popular ships for Alaskan cruises. These are Seattle’s Norwegian Pearl and Vancouver’s Norwegian Sun. There are many different restaurants on these ships, including a lounge, casino bar, champagne bar and a sports restaurant. The ships also have a variety of entertainment options including live shows, a casino and groups for kids of different ages. All sorts of rooms are available including suites.

Holland America is noted for its luxurious cabins. All rooms have quality upholstered furniture and a variety of great services. The amazing suites on these cruise liners are especially notable for their great features and luxuries, including large sitting areas, luxurious beds and dressing areas for preparing for a great formal evening on the ship. There are many luxurious reservations-only restaurants and great spa services available too. Among the ships from this group include the Seward-based Statendam, Seattle’s Amsterdam and Vancouver’s Volendam.

Celebrity Cruises features all sorts of great luxurious features. These range from spas to a casino and even a variety of shows ranging from variety shows to dances and even movie shows. The group is also popular for its Celebrity X Club Youth program, which offers activities for kids of various age groups. There are two cruise liners based out of Vancouver from Celebrity. The Celebrity Millennium features travels to Seward, Icy Strait Point and Ketchikan. The Celebrity Mercury features stops at the Hubbard Glacier, Sitka and Ketchikan.

Cruise lines have long been known for offering great vacation deals and hassle-free travel. Now they are emerging as event planners as well. Many cruise lines are extremely eager to accommodate large and small groups of travelers. If you are in the throes of planning a wedding, an anniversary shindig, a family reunion or even a multi-day business meeting, talk to a cruise line. You may find they can create an unforgettable program for your affair for the same cost of a land-based event.

Special interest groups, which cruise lines often call affinity groups, are those groups that want to cruise for a special occasion. Family reunions, business meetings, even weddings are typical affinity cruise groups.

Being an affinity group can be easy, and many cruise lines are going out of their way to cater to the group cruise. The word “group” does not necessarily mean you need a hundred people to qualify. Even a few people who want to travel together can qualify as a group. For instance, cruises where several female friends travel together are a recognized (and new) affinity group in the industry.

Depending on the cruise and the size of the group, cruise lines may be willing to offer a package deal on staterooms. A cruise line specialist or travel agent can make recommendations, including booking a suite for four people instead of the usual state rooms (this is not always cheaper, but it can be).

Cruise groups can also make arrangements with the cruise ship for special events. On-board weddings, classes, seminars, receptions, and private dinners for a group of old buddies can all be set up. The best way to make these arrangements is to book as early as you can and discuss options with the cruise line. It is a great idea to be flexible, since cruise lines are much more experienced in this area than you are likely to be. Thus, they may know some great ideas you had not thought of and may offer good advice as to what would work well in your situation.

Princess Cruise lines even has a specialist who works for them to help with on-board weddings. And it is true, the captain of a ship has legal authority to marry people. Re-commitment ceremonies, in which a husband and wife formally renews their vows, are very popular cruise events.

If you are an avid cruiser, you have probably already cruised with some special interest groups and never known it. Most ships are large enough that multiple special events, seminars, and receptions can take place almost unnoticed by the majority of passengers.

Planning an affinity group cruise involves booking a cruise as early as possible. Consulting with a travel expert is always a good idea since there are lots of cruise options today and even the most avid cruise shopper cannot keep up with everything.

Affinity group cruises should be fairly short since getting time off from work and school is tough for most people. Plan ahead, not just so you can get the rooms you want, but to allow people to put in for time away from the job. Keep an eye on the pocketbook of the participants; some folks who would gladly attend a family reunion may not have the financial clout to pay for a transatlantic cruise.

When booking an affinity group cruise, consider the port of embarkation and debarkation, that is, the place where you get on and off the ship. Cruise passengers not only have to pay for their cruise, they also have to pay for travel back and forth from this port. While many cruise lines can offer attractive package deals to combine cruise fares with airline tickets, there is still an incremental expense.

There are a surprising number of ports for cruise ships today, including Tampa and Galveston (on the Gulf of Mexico), Los angeles and Vancouver (West Coast), and New york and Fort Lauderdale (East Coast). The ports may limit the cruise options for your particular group (for instance, you can’t sail from Vancouver and go to Bermuda on any established route). However, for an affinity group cruise, the journey is more important than the destination.

On-board ship, affinity groups should take advantage of having hassle-free meals and entertainment. This leaves plenty of time for photos and videos. Those with blogging skills can commemorate the activities online; more traditional cruise passengers may be inspired to create a scrap book or other record of event memorabilia.

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