Do you want to start your own business? Do you need to rent an office? Do you need to start a start-up or a new work group? Are you a commercial and you have just obtained the resale of a distant company and you want a work base?

Why not rent an office?

My opinion is that the traditional rental contract , the one for 6 + 6 years, is now obsolete. Of course, it’s still great for established companies, with a constant number of employees. But the new companies, the dynamic ones, those that want to grow , can find such a rigid rental contract disadvantageous. There must be the possibility of getting bigger, but also the possibility of contracting or even going out without too much expense Business Centre taipei.

New companies want to focus on their core business , leaving to others the burdens and time needed to pay expenses, bills, cleaning and maintenance of the premises, etc …

The economic aspect is also important. The amount of office rent depends a lot on the area, of course. But let’s make some rough assessments: the table simulates the cost of renting a small office with a traditional 6 + 6 year contract.

The price of renting a Furnished Office in a Business Center, compared to a standard 6 + 6 year rent, is considerably more competitive. The motivation is simple: many costs that, in the case of a traditional rental, must be borne by the Customer in person (electricity, condominium expenses, heating, internet, telephone, cleaning, maintenance, etc.), are shared in a Business Center between multiple Users who use the service. The flat rate allows you to dedicate yourself to your work without further worries.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of having more modern rooms, meeting rooms with maxi screen, waiting rooms, break area to be able to have a meal brought from home, warehouse spaces and many other services. In short: more benefits and less expense. The contract is very flexible and allows you to rent only the services most useful to the customer and, above all, for the time needed.

Are all business centers the same?

I would say no: there are more modern Business Centers, with more functional premises and others that are obviously less so. The services are different, as is their strategic position. I always recommend a visit to the offices before comparing the prices of the various Business Centers. I also recommend asking for proof: it is good for the customer to personally verify the convenience of the offices and also, for example, the effectiveness of the internet connection.




我的看法是,傳統的租賃合同,即 6 + 6 年的合同,現在已經過時了。當然,對於擁有固定數量員工的老牌公司來,這仍然很棒。但是新公司,有活力的公司,那些想要成長的公司,會發現這種僵化的租賃合同是不利的。肯定有做大的可能,也有承包甚至出去不用太多開銷的可能。台北商務中心。


經濟方面也很重要。當然,辦公室租金的多少在很大程度上取決於該地區。但讓我們做一些粗略的評估:該表模擬了傳統 6 + 6 年合同租用小型辦公室的成本。

與標準的 6 + 6 年租金相比,在商務中心租用帶家具的辦公室的價格更具競爭力。動機很簡單:在傳統租賃的情況下,許多費用必須由客親自承擔(電費、公寓費用、供暖、互聯網、電話、清潔、維護等),由企業分攤在使用該服務的多個用之間居中。統一費率讓您可以全身心投入工作,而無需擔心。

此外,還有可能擁有更多現代化的房間、帶大屏幕的會議室、台北商務中心 等候室、能在家中用餐的休息區、倉庫空間和許多其他服務。簡而言之:更多的好處和更少的費用。合同非常靈活,允許您只租用對客最有用的服務,最重要的是,租用所需的時間。



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