Selling information offline can be as good as selling online. While most people believe that selling offline is becoming obsolete, thousands who know the secrets you are about to know today, are still out there making real money with it in their chosen niche. The following are some benefits you stand to get when you make a trip to this wonderful venture!

It automatically makes you the No 1 contact in business. As an offline information seller, you have the benefit of making yourself the first contact Maps marketer with most potential online customers. Potential online customers normally visit or seek peoples’ concept “Offline Marketers” about the business they are aspiring to go into before they finally launch online. This advantage is what makes you unique in your niche; all you need to do is to make the best out of this benefit by selling your information just the same way you would have sold online. This trend is bound to continue until the customer gets himself acquainted with the online business.

It creates room for dual income generation. This is another interesting part of working offline. While you sell your information offline either by rendering speech or talking to people, you can still be making money online as long as you have your online resources with you. Alternatively, you can be totally offline and still work online later. All you need to do is to map out a time frame for the two. This is a promising venture because it creates a two way market for you to sell your information.

It generates an instant growth in your income. As an offline marketer, you sell information to people through seminar presentation, business workshops, business summit and so on. You control what you earn instantly just for organizing a programme that brought different people together. Because people are ready to pay for your information, you will have the benefit of putting up a stipulated fee for participation; most importantly, you will have the privilege of marketing and selling your resources live at the venue of your presentation. The resources you market directly are the same resources which you have probably been marketing for sometime online. At the same venue, some customers may wish to hire you as their private consultant because they have seen you deliver.

It rapidly promotes your business network. Most customers like dealing with people they can see or visit anytime they have challenges. Because you are accessible to your customers, they will keep coming to you for more updates with more service fee. The onus will then be on you to convert such advantage to an opportunity, not to fraudulently exploit but to give the best which surely will attract not only payment but buying your resources too. Another fun of this is that your customers don’t come alone; they bring friends and well-wishers along. This for sure will help to increase your network.

Working as an offline information seller will not only bring you more income but will also gain you a reputation and trust that will help you to stay long in business! Come on try it out, it pays!

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