Are you suffering from bunion pain? If so, you need to consider a bunion splint or bunion regulator as an important part of your treatment for bunions. It may very well be just the thing that will make a big difference in your bunion pain.

You might also hear a bunion splint called a bunion regulator. A bunion regulator is a term that also refers to a device worn at night, but these can also be called bunion splints. Whatever it’s called, a bunion splint or bunion regulator worn at night while you are sleeping will strap your big toe into position and gently stretch your tendons and muscles in the front of your foot. Then, in the morning when you need to be up and about, you are very likely to not have as much foot pain or discomfort. Once you remove the splint, don’t be surprised to find that it is easier for you to walk and get around. And that’s what everyone with foot bunions wants more than anything; to be able to walk around without terrible pain.

Many people have success with bunion night splints. Of course, everyone is different, but many people report that their foot pain is greatly alleviated after wearing a bunion regulator or splint for just a week or so. Most reviewers say their experience with night splints for bunions is very good, and recommend that other sufferers try one. Some very fortunate people even say that after just one or two nights of wearing a bunion regulator, they can tell a significant difference in their level of pain. Maybe you will be one of these people. These success stories are very encouraging.

Some bunion splints are designed to be worn not just at night, but also during the day if you want to. These splints have hinges so you can walk in them if you have a pair of wide shoes.

Like almost everything, bunion splints can be found designed with various materials and in different sizes. Some people say that wearing a bunion splint at night takes a little getting used to, but that is to be expected. Anything different takes getting used to. However, the great thing would be getting used to walking without intense pain! You will feel like your “old self’ again, and enjoy the freedom of movement that you always had before.

Even if your foot pain is so great that 拇趾外翻治療 you think you are headed for bunion surgery and you have tried other methods to relieve the pain to no avail, do yourself a favor and try a bunion regulator. Your podiatrist may have already encouraged you to try one. Just perhaps you may be among those who say the relief they received from a bunion splint made it possible forgo the dreaded surgery on their foot. Keep in mind that the recovery from bunion surgery may take several weeks. If you are not careful during your recovery, especially as regards keeping down swelling, it can actually be months before you walk like you used to. Of course, this situation is to be avoided if at all possible. So, before having surgery, you owe it to yourself to see how much a bunion splint will help you and restore your ability to walk normally.


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