Pentek Water Filters Review

These days, man has come to realization that exposure to unfiltered water poses a lot of health risks. This made the necessity of water filters as the absolute solution for unfiltered water in every household. But in the world market today, there have been a lot of water filter brands and names that are continuously fishing for the general consumers’ interest. However, as a lot may have some claims on their filters’ supreme filtration capabilities, only few have managed to deliver the best of results. This makes it important for any regular buyers to be aware of the importance of being able to choose the right water filter for their homes that can deliver the needed safe and clean water.

Among the few names that have been found out to be well reliable with the quality and functionality of its filters is the Pentek Water Filters. But why consider Pentek in your list? Just keep on reading and later on realize the answer behind such a question.

Pentek Water Filters only make the best and most sophisticated water filters of today. Its filters are made with state of the art materials and have undergone unparalleled processes. First of all, the cartridges of Pentek filters are specially made from pleated cellulose media. These cartridges are generally designed for water filtration purposes. Its cellulose media is pleated around a polypropylene core that adds significant firmness and strength. Its ends are then immersed in a thermo-setting vinyl plastisol. Such manner of sealing both ends significantly combines the three components together which then forms a unitized end cap and gasket.

In order to maintain uniform pleat spacing especially at times of high flow and pulsating flow streams, an external netted sheath is used. Moreover, Pentek filter’s filtration efficiency is further enhanced by reducing the bypass through sonically welding the overlap seam. Despite such alternatives to reverse osmosis unmatched technology and manufacturing process, Pentek filters come in reasonable and economical prices. But even with such a reachable price, a Pentek filter is capable of reducing sediment particles down to 20 microns in size. The primary purpose of the pleated design of a Pentek filter is to maximize its dirt holding capacity in order to deliver longer filter life. Pentek filter is also highly recommendable for chlorinated water supplies.

By carefully observing the overall concept of a Pentek filter, one may conclude that some factors are needed to be considered first before making a choice of pinpointing a water filter for your home. These factors include the materials used that makes the water filter, the water filtration system, the technology used as its main principle in water filtration capability, the design, and the price that sets a line between cost effective and unreasonably priced filter.


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