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Thousands of people are avid stamp collectors. Even though this hobby may not seem the most interesting to everybody, stamp collecting is a great hobby. Those who are into collecting stamps know it can be a very entertaining hobby that can be quite time consuming. There are many reasons to get into stamp collecting. It can be exciting to find the different stamps that have been issued throughout the years. It can also be usps book stamps a thrill to collect special edition stamps or find stamps that were misprinted. Another reason that stamp collecting can be exciting is because many old stamps can be worth quite a bit of money us postage stamps 2013. However, it can be difficult to know what old stamps are worth. Fortunately, an old US postage stamps price guide can help you know what your stamp collection is worth.

A stamp price guide not only will let you know what the price of stamps are, but it will also offer other benefits as well. An old US postage stamps price guide will let you know all the stamps that are available and what special edition stamps have been issued over the years. Stamp guides will also have interesting articles about stamps and stamp collections. A lot of great information can be gained from these guides. Many times the articles themselves alone are a reason to purchase the stamp guides.

There are many different places you can find stamp guides. Collector stores that specialize in collecting stamps are a great place to start. You may find that your local collector store has several different stamp price guides. You can ask the salespeople at the store which guide they would recommend as well as what the differences between the guides are.

Stamp price guides are not as common in retail stores, but you may find some that carry them. Your favorite bookstore will have stamp price guides available as well. If you are part of a stamp collectors club, the other members may know a good place to find stamp guides. The internet is a great place to find stamp guides. There are several special collectors sites that sell stamp price guides. As well, there are hundreds of stamp collecting discussion forums on the internet. These sites will help you find a place to purchase a stamp price guide.

An old US postage stamps price guide is an essential tool for any stamp collector. The information found inside this guide can help you learn more about collecting stamps and learn how much your collection is worth. Check out the places discussed above and see if you can find an old US postage stamps price guide so that you can get even more out of your stamp collection today.

Learning the basic terms and what they mean when collecting stamps will enable collectors when they are purchasing or selling their stamps to either other dealers or collectors. A glossary of these commonly used terms has been compiled to enable you to better understand when dealing with others in the stamp collecting environment. A piece of paper that has a gummed or pressure sensitive back is called Adhesive. As Is a term used by auctions to describe a stamp that is being offered for sale without any guarantees. A public sale where a variety of stamps are sold to the highest bidder is an Auction. A postmark applied to the reverse of a cover to show it has gone through transit of the mail is called a Backstamp. Bogus is a fake stamp label created only for the sale to collectors.

A small convenient book of stamps often sold through a post office vending machine is a Booklet. An organized meeting of stamp dealers and collectors where stamps are sold and traded is called a Bourse. A picture of design illustrating an event of occasion for commemorative purposes on an envelope is a Cachet. Cancellation is a marking that is applied to a stamp to prevent it from being reused. A compiled listing of stamps that includes price valuations and illustrations is a catalog.

Certified Mail is mail the sender is given a receipt certifying items that have been mailed. Cover is an envelope, postcard, or any other wrapper used to mail correspondence. A cover that have been salvaged from a wreck or crash then delivered to the individual it was addressed to and containing an official explanation of the delay is called a crash Cover. A country that no longer issues stamps is known as a Dead Country. Denomination is the face value of a stamp. Embossed Envelope is an envelope that bears an embossed stamp. A stamped envelope or postcard that is entirely sold originally by the Post office is known as an entire. To make an expert examination of a stamp then to render an opinion on its genuineness is known as Expertize.

The value of a stamp noted on its face is called Face Value. An envelope that has been postmarked with a stamp on its first day of use is called First Day Cover. First Flight Cover is a cover carried on the first flight of a new air route for carrying mail. A collector who collects stamps of all varieties from different countries is called a general Collector. A form of cancellation is called a Handstamp. Hinges are tiny gummed glass like strips that are used to attach stamps to albums. Killer Cancellation is when a cancellation that is heavy and covers most stamps effectively without obliterating the design.

Margin is a area that surrounds stamps on a sheet. A cancellation done by hand with either a pen or pencil is known as a Manuscript Cancellation. Maximum Card is a picture postcard that show a design of a stamp or other subjects that bears either the stamp picture of a stamp that is related to the design that bears the postmark related to the subject. Mounts are vinyl or plastic holders that are clear on the front and have gum on the back. Multicolor means to have more than two colors.

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