Ever wish you could get your hands on some good old-fashioned candy? Whatever happened to licking Mega Buttons off of a waxy strip? How about chewing the gummy wax top off of Nik-L-Nip bottles to savor the sweet, best hhc brands tasty juice inside? Now, you can find your favorite nostalgic candy that you enjoyed so much during childhood. Here is a comprehensive list to currently available nostalgic candy that brings back memories.

Mega Candy Buttons: Again Enjoy the Sweet Strips of Sugary Sweetness

Still set in colorful rows on long strip after strip, candy buttons are now available for you to enjoy and as an added bonus, they come mega-sized! Candy buttons, sometimes known as candy dots or candy pox were all the rage when introduced in 1980 by Necco. Each strip comes with three flavors: cherry, lime and lemon. The mega-sized candy buttons measure about 3/4 inches wide for maximum sweetness! You can also find them in a sour version.

Again Enjoy the Waxy Bottles of Nik-L-Nip

Almost a century year old now, you can still find, packaged inside bottle-shaped wax, the sweet juicy goodness of Nik-L-Nip candy: “”Bite ‘Em, Drink ‘Em, Chew ‘Em!” Created by Tootsie Roll Industries, this nostalgic candy comes filled with blue, red, orange, yellow and green sugary juices. According to Tootsie Roll, “Nik-L-Nip brand name is a combination of the original cost (Nickel) and preferred wax bottle-opening technique (NIP).”

Bringing Back Bosco in Candy Bar Form!

First selling chocolate syrup, Bosco has been around since the 1920’s, manufacturing sweet treats out of New Jersey. After recently pairing up with distributor, the Praim Group, Bosco has released its chocolate bar. According to Steve Sanders, CEO Bosco Products Co., “We’re so excited for Bosco to have a chocolate bar. It will make a great nostalgic gift for that special someone, or is simply perfect as an afternoon chocolate fix.” Sanders acknowledges, “Generations have grown up with Bosco Chocolate Syrup and our team believes the Bosco Chocolate Bar is the perfect brand extension. It’s an honor to be trusted to help expand this legacy.” best hhc brands

Bosco’s chocolate bar is made from all-natural milk chocolate, specifically, sugar, whole milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, and vanilla. Enjoy the new conveniently wrapped chocolate bar to bring back all your Bosco memories from childhood.

The All-American Sky Bar will Bring Back Memories

The Sky Bar zoomed on the scene in the 1930’s with a brilliant ad campaign during the golden age of advertising. A chocolate bar segmented in four sections full of caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge, was first released to the public through ads in the sky. That’s right: the Necco company announced their new candy bar through skywriting! Notoriously hard to find in recent years, with a quick internet search nowadays, you can again enjoy the Sky Bar.

Get Nostalgic with Classic Charleston Chew & Doscher’s French Chew Taffy

Who can forget the Charleston Chew in all its nougat and chocolate goodness? Named after the popular dance at the time, this gooey goodness hit the American market in 1922. Later sold by Nabisco in 1980, the company then released the Charleston Chew in strawberry and also, vanilla.

In 1993, the beloved Tootsie Roll Industries again began to distribute the Charleston Chew, again marketing the many ways to enjoy the popular candy bar: “They’re frequently enjoyed frozen, offering the classic “Charleston Chew crack” as folks love to break them into small pieces prior to eating.”

Doscher’s French chew taffy is again available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and banana taffy. Taffy, a chewy candy, was made popular when in the early 20 century children brought it home as a souvenir of many coastal resort towns. Doscher’s French chew taffy will make you nostalgic for long days at the beach, bringing back cherished memories from childhood.

Sweet Treats We Still Love: Chuckles and Jujubes

Chuckles, around since the 1920, are sugar-coated jelly candies, come in cherry, lemon, licorice, orange and lime flavors. Chuckles come packaged in a strip with every flavor and were a mainstay at every neighborhood’s five and dime store. Chuckles have come a long way, as it is now readily available, most easily online.

When many think back to drive-ins and movie theaters, Jujubes quickly come to mind. The manufacturer’s website states “Jujubes, known for their hard, break-glass quality texture, began production in 1920. Original flavors included lilac, violet, rose, spearmint, and lemon. Rose and spearmint have been changed to cherry and lime, as a result of flavor availability.”

Jujubes are known for their hard candy texture, which makes them a long-lasting, savory treat. Nowadays, while Jujubes are gummier than in the old days, they are again available, serving as the perfect nostalgic candy that brings back memories.

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