Yeah, fall is here, and with fall comes college football season. And apparently the only thing better than parking your carcass in front of the 50 inch flat screen for an afternoon of watching college football is an afternoon (or night, or entire weekend) of playing college football, courtesy of EA’s NCAA Football 10. Now, I’m not about to get into the merits of NCAA 10 vs. Madden 10 right now – some questions have no easy answers. But in order to send your opponent packing, here are a few NCAA 10 tips.

When choosing your Offensive Game plan, conventional wisdom would say to go Aggressive each time. But believe it or not, there’s some merit to going Conservative (don’t start 토토사이트 throwing shoes at me, I’m only referring to NCAA 10). They make it abundantly clear that there are pros and cons to each setting. But in the case of holding your blocks, going Aggressive will result in more penalties; having your players block longer will result in more clipping calls.

Same deal with the Defensive Game plan; like the Offensive Game plan, all the different options for defense will have an effect on the overall game. And also like offensive game plan, being Aggressive is not always the way to go (despite what the high school cheerleaders may have told you). Take the Big Hit example – going Aggressive with Big Hit, your defense will always try to go for the big hits (yeah, we get it, it’s not brain surgery). The upside: you’ll cause more fumbles and wear down the offense. The downside: your guys will miss more tackles. Best to play it safe.

Another defensive tip: when choosing the Pass Defense, go Conservative, with the swat. Yes, it’s tempting to go Aggressive and go for the pick. No risk, no reward and all that other good stuff we’ve been taught since the first time we learned how to throw the football. But here’s the thing – you may think it’s worth going for the turnover, but you will miss the ball most of the time.

Yeah, we know it’s damn near impossible not to go Aggressive; anytime you’re going head-to-head in NCAA 10, there’s no shortage of testosterone in the room. That being said, try something different – the Conservative Game plan – and you will win big.

Seems like the basketball court is really the first place where we get to settle our scores. And thanks to NCAA Basketball 09, it’s the last place as well. This is another one of those games where it takes more than trash talk to trash your opponent. Pull out a couple special moves, and you’ll be sure to stuff it in your opponent’s face.

The Spin Move is a great one… easy to use and easy to learn. Plus, you don’t even have to be super close to the basket to pull this one off. The tricky part is that it only works in a one-on-one situation, so you have to set things up just right, and have your power forward or center backed up against the defender. Once you’re one-on-one with your opponent, simply flick the right stick to the left or to the right (depending on which direction you want your player to spin towards the basket). It’s a risky move, but you know what they say about risks and rewards. Besides, when it works, it’s worth it – you get past your man, you will score every time.

Another move that is mandatory to master is the Fake Shot. Why, you ask, aside from the fact that it’s ridiculously simple? Mastery of the Fake can add a couple of quick baskets to your score. And when you’re playing here for those high stakes, and the game is close, well, a couple points can mean the difference between winning and going home empty-handed (and empty-bank accounted). Anyway, to do this one, Xbox users, just lightly tap B (PS3 users hit the Circle button). Use it to get to the basket for a layup, or just to get an open shot. It’s such a cool move, because it’s so simple and yet at the same time, can dramatically tip the scales in your favor.

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