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Malaysia is truly a metropolitan town and is to be found at linking point of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea and it offers an enticing pull for adventurers, discoverers and buyers and presently the vacationers. Right from the Cusco Tour Packages chief town of Kuala Lumpur, to the unruffled elevation of Genting Highlands, the out of the ordinary beaches and islets of Langkawi and the cookery amusement of Penang. Malayasia Travel Packages from India offers some excellent and customized Travel to Malaysia and its towns along with the air travel with Malaysia Airline and other major airlines.

Peru is without a doubt one of the world’s up and coming travel destinations. It’s dynamic economy and current prosperity has helped bring it to the forefront of the worlds travel scene. No longer plagued by the civil war of the 80’s Peru is re-branding itself as the new hub of Latin America. Your decision to visit this beautiful country was probably an easy one, finding the right tour package is a little more complicated.

When looking for the right Peru tour package there are a couple of things to consider. The first and probably most important is price. Don’t skimp out on tours in Peru, you really do get what you pay for. For example Inca Trail tour operators offering a price of $100 to $300 for the four day trek are giving you another tour, probably an alternative trek such as the Jungle Inca Trail which is not hiked on the original historic Inca Trail. If you want quality consider price. If you are a budget conscious traveler and don’t want to fork over $500 to $700 for one of the more well known tour operators then have a look at what Peruvians are buying and at what price. Visit some websites from tour operators that cater to Peruvians and Latin Americans for an average price for a Peru tour package.

Another factor when planning your tour package to Peru is time. How much time you have in Peru determines how much of the country you are going to see. I recommend a minimum of 7 days for the essential, however 2 weeks is best. Make sure you plan your route by land and hopping from city to nearby city to save time and money. I recommend the Southern Circuit Tour that goes from Lima to Ica and Paracas then on to Nazca to visit the Nazca lines, from there Arequipa, Lake Titicaca and finally Cusco and Machu Picchu. This Peru tour package would have you only need to take a one way return flight to Lima, thus saving you about $150. The Southern Circuit tour needs a minimum of 9 days, but can take less if you take out Nazca or Puno and Lake Titicaca.

If your thinking about the DIY route and you want to save money and are short on time then I would recommend booking a tour package of Peru with a tour agency. This way you have less things that can go wrong as your trip is planned out with schedules. A lot of travelers think they can save money the do it yourself route, however in my experiences I have seen the contrary. First of all if you are not fluent in the language you are going to get higher prices from vendors on things such as souvenirs, taxis, lodging and even food especially if the vendor does not have his/her prices posted.

Arriving at a destination you will miss out on the best lodging at the best prices as those are often booked in advanced by other travelers, you’ll pay more for nothing. In 2011 hundreds of travelers were left outside the gates of Machu Picchu simply because they had not purchases their admissions to Machu Picchu in advance. Don’t let this be you.

Besides saving money most importantly you want to make the most out of your time, a poorly planned trip will leave you wasting time, waiting for worn down buses because you didn’t know which companies were better. Not knowing what time the group tours depart from cities like Arequipa and Cusco will leave you having to wait until the next day, you could book a private tour of course but at almost four times the price. These are all things a tour agency can plan for you to give you a smooth and stress free tour package of Peru.

Malaysia Travel packages present to the tourists to travel around the unparalleled attractiveness of finest beach spots, exciting natural splendor and enthralling man made traveler attractions. On your Malaysia Travel Packages make a visit to Kuala Lumpur the metropolitan city, Genting Highland, the hill station, Penang for mouth watering cuisine, Lankawi the mesmerizing beach, etc which are endowed with natural grandeur and contemporary architectural brilliance.

It could prove out to be a great destination for religious persons and excitement crazy couples. Honeymooners can go for the picturesque beaches like Penang, Langkawi and numerous others for their honeymoon merriment. Even exciting activities like diving, River rafting, exploring the caves, paragliding and bird watching are worth enjoying when you are in Malaysia. Malayasia is a place where all the desires of the travelers are well taken care of make their vacation in Malayasia a never-ending experience of life.

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