If you’re looking for freelance writing jobs, you can find them on the Web. As more and more magazines develop an online presence, and “Web only” media publications appear, there’s never been a better environment for freelance writers to make money from their writing skills.

To find and apply for writing jobs, search for “freelance writing job” or “writer wanted” (without the quotes) in Google or Yahoo.

To Get Writing Gigs, Show Your Credits

Paying venues will ask you to tell them where you’ve been published; that is, for your writing credits. The easiest way to be able to point people to your credits is by creating a Web site to display published writing. This can be done in moments, by creating a free blog at sites like Blogger; you’ll then have one Web address to which you can direct prospective buyers of your writing services.

But What If You Have No Writing Credits?

If you’re new to freelance writing, you may not have any credits. Many sites online are looking for writers, and getting your words published there will give you a credit. However, most of these sites don’t pay. It may be worthwhile for you to write a few articles for them anyway, to get some writing credits.

An alternative is for you to write articles for your own site. This gives you complete control of the articles, and you may be able to sell them later, once you’ve been hired a few times, and can point to articles you’ve written, and have been paid for.

How To Get Highly Paid Writing Jobs Online – Check About Us Pages

Once you’ve been reddit essay writing service published and have been paid for your work, you can look for more highly paid writing jobs online.

The best writing jobs are not advertised, but it’s worthwhile to check the “About Us” pages of Web sites, because if they’re looking for writers, this is where you’ll find writers’ guidelines.

So how do you get the unadvertised top writing jobs online?

You get them by displaying your writing skills on your own Web sites. For example, let’s say that you’re interested in writing for financial sites. You could create a financial services blog, mentioning that you’re available for freelance writing jobs on the blog’s About page. Your blog will get noticed, and you’ll get writing gigs in that area, because you’ve already shown your writing expertise.

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