Knowing for sure that you have definitely made an impression on a girl you just met, make sure that you get her contact numbers for follow up calls and possible dates. Before you part ways, make sure that you have gauged the girl enough for you to make your next move on how to make her think about you all the time.

Any follow up call or date will be for naught if you did not make a good first impression on the girl. Before you even venture into hooking up with a girl, make sure you have “repaired” your personality quirks and irks. Make sure your confidence is intact. Make sure you have talked yourself into thinking positively. Having done that, here are some few tips you can use to make you unforgettable to a girl.

Be a complete gentleman. Chivalry is call girls in karachi not dead. Women still love to be treated gallantly and respectfully by men. You have to show that girl that you are a caring and respectful person. If you need to open doors and pull out chairs for girl, why not? You will score points because of that. Besides, you will feel good playing the part of a gentleman.

Be concerned with the girl. Ask the girl how she would get home. There’s no need for you to take her home but if circumstances calls for it, then do it. A girl will definitely think about your caring personality.

Ask permission if you could call her. Don’t just spring an attack on the girl by making a phone call. Ask for her permission through a text message. You might inconvenience a girl if you call her in the middle of her work. It is best to let her know that you want to call her and is asking for her permission. The girl will be impressed by your consideration and will definitely think about you.

Send her flowers. A gift of flowers has never failed to make a positive impression on a girl. It does not matter if you send a bouquet or a single rose. Send flowers and the girl won’t be able to resist thinking about you.

Ask her out. Your next step is to ask the girl out. If she agrees, tell her that you will take her to a real cool place that you think she would like. Keep her in suspense. Just tell her the date and time to keep her guessing and her level of anticipation up. This would really make her think about you.

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