Teaching your Puppy their Place in the “Pack”

Olde English Bulldog puppies are so fun! They are also a lot of work, but with some extra effort and patience during puppyhood, you will be rewarded later on with a happy, balanced and cooperative animal that will lead to you both enjoying a rewarding life together.

Establish a teacher-student relationship

There are a few types of rewards Mini french bulldog for sale  you can use – praise, petting, treats and even your silent approval. When a puppy asks humans for attention, the natural inclination is to respond with petting. You can use these requests to start teaching your puppy who is the teacher and who is the learner. No matter how silly this may seem, it is important to establish this right away.

Every time your puppy requests your attention, you can respond with the sit command. Keep repeating “good, sit,” until he sits. Then pet him, repeating the phrase “good, sit.” This is probably going to take some time and a lot of repetition. Once they have sat for five to ten seconds, you can release him by saying “ok”. Gradually increase the sitting time until you have reached one or two minutes. It is important that everyone in the house understands and is consistent with this training. The point is to insist that your new puppy earns your praise and learns their place in the “pack”.

Olde English Bulldogs and by extension, all dogs as you probably know, are social animals. Bulldogs especially want to be near their family or “pack”. Because of this, their strongest psychological need is to be a part of a group. Whether you have a large family, or just you and your puppy, your puppy must feel secure about their place in the group in order to be happy and balanced.

When you watch puppies at play, there is a lot of growling and wrestling that goes on. This is actually puppies deciding who is going to be the “top dog”. Something very much like this play fighting is happening at home right now between your puppy and the rest of the family or “pack”.

To be a balanced, confident and secure Olde English Bulldog, what puppies need more than affection is a master they can depend on and look to for guidance. For your dog to be happy and a pleasure for you, at least one member of the family (ideally all in the family) should be the master (pack leader). Someone has to be the boss – this is how dogs view the world, not as “friends and equals”. Assertive puppies will grow up trying to become the boss if someone in the family doesn’t assume this role. This will lead to unhappiness and problems. A submissive puppy will spend his whole life fretting and worrying about what to expect from whom – also leading to unhappiness for all. Everything usually turns out fine when you have a medium energy dog, however, if you have an unusually assertive or submissive dog, these are things to keep in mind.


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