Cleaning the bathroom tiles is often a tiresome job, particularly if you are attempting to clean small tiles or fancily-designed tiles that seemed like a good idea when choosing your bathroom. Now your tiles have been overrun by mildew and dirt, the seeming hours of work you need to do in to clean them may have you regretting your design choices How to clean! But you don’t need to be that drastic, because this article will show you how to clean the bathroom tiles with very little effort.

Here’s one option. You can try vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon juice or all of these in various combinations, as a home made cleaning product. These are cheap, powerful and effective and should be able to lift tough stains and get rid of mold and mildew, with only a little scrubbing.

Another option that you can try is creating a thick paste of salt, baking soda and vinegar. Mix up equal portions of each, and you should have a paste that you can spread on the areas you need to clean. This should eat into soap scum, mold, mildew and grime, with once again, little effort on your part. See: no need to regret choosing those fancy tiles, it’s easy to clean the bathroom tiles!

For cleaning hard to reach corners and crevices, it’s a good idea to use a “q-tip brush”, a used toothbrush, or a cotton ball or cotton bud with some of the cleaning product on it. You don’t want to leave these awkward areas dirty, because any mold or dirt will just spread back to the rest of your bathroom.

The bathroom, next to the kitchen, should be the cleanest room in the house. However, many of us keep the bathroom for last as it can be a disgusting area to clean. The all-purpose products that you may use for the rest of the house may be sufficient for the bathroom; however, you may want to invest in several more powerful products just for this room. Regardless if you have the right products or not, if you don’t know how to clean a bathroom properly, you’ll spend more time cleaning than you want to.

Before any cleaning can be done, and this goes for any room, it must be de-cluttered. Remove all dirty clothes, towels and rugs. Put away items that may have been left out. If your shower has a lot of soap scum build-up, you can spray down the shower with a soap scum remover and let it do its job while you remove and tidy up the bathroom. This gives enough time for the chemicals in the product to do what it is meant to do. Since the bath/shower is the biggest thing to clean, start here first. Clean the walls, fixtures and area where you stand. Don’t forget about the shower door or curtain. When done, rinse the shower well to remove all of the chemicals that were applied as well as any germs and dirt that was removed.

Learning how to clean a bathroom may differ from household to household, but the bottom line is still the same, you need to do it often and it needs to be clean. Once the shower/tub area has been cleaned, the rest of the room is a breeze. Next dust shelves and knick-knacks, clean the mirrors, and wipe down doors, moldings, fixtures and baseboards working your way from near the ceiling down to the floor.

The next step in learning how to clean a bathroom is to clean the sink and counter. Using a product for cleaning bathroom/kitchen surfaces is perfect for these tasks. What is left to clean other than the floor? It’s probably the most dreaded object to clean in the entire house and that’s the toilet, but it must be done. If you don’t want to know how to clean a bathroom, you should at least know how to clean a toilet. A quality surface cleaner can be used to wipe down the tank, the toilet seat lid as well as the pedestal portion of the toilet. The seat, top and bottom, as well as the rim of the bowl should be wiped down with a toilet bowl cleaner. The bowl itself and under the rim should be cleaned with a toilet brush and toilet cleanser.

The garbage should be emptied and the floor swept and mopped. When mopping, start at the farthest point in and work your way out. When you have reached the door, you can stand back and look at your nice clean bathroom! For wiping and cleaning, you can use paper towels but rags and microfiber rags work great too, and they can be washed and reused. Now that you know how to clean a bathroom, there is no excuse to have a dirty toilet.

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