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Drumming up interest in your trade show booth can be a challenge. Unless you have a truly spectacular and innovative product that is the buzz of the entire industry, you’ll have to work hard to construct an exhibit that attendees will want to visit. The good news is that this can be accomplished by setting up relatively inexpensive multimedia displays throughout your booth to engage visitors with interesting content. Here are some proven ideas pinetree hill for adding value to any kind of trade show exhibit. Use LED signs. It’s no secret that motion attracts attention, so putting a flashing or scrolling LED sign on a strategically placed floor stand can be an effective way of gaining extra visitors. In addition, you can attach a couple of LED signs to flat screen mounts within the booth if you have a large enough area and leftover wall space. The message on your sign should be little more than a headline and should be as enticing as possible. The idea is to get your visitors to want more information about your product or services.

Include interactive elements. When visitors are actively engaged with a display, they will spend more time at your exhibit. Simple brochures do not promote interaction; they are something to read back at the hotel or on the plane. Instead, make sure you install several flat screen mounts in the booth so you can give your visitors access to touchscreen monitors. The content on the monitors will be generally the same as in your brochure, but will be presented in a more exciting and dynamic way. Provide video clips and images. Informative video clips and images are a terrific way to convey your message in this era of ultra-short attention spans. Stage a small plasma or LCD television set on a floor stand just outside your booth and play a short video about your product or company. If you have touchscreen monitors set up on flat screen mounts inside the booth, you can upload digital still images to a virtual photo album that visitors can scroll through at their leisure.

Add some background music. Research studies have shown that upbeat music has a positive influence on moods. Music is an often overlooked element in trade show exhibits, but should certainly be included in your display whenever possible. If you have an extra floor stand that can accommodate a speaker, be sure to use it.
Creating a successful trade show exhibit comes down to the intelligent use of multimedia elements to help attract visitors and obtain important sales leads. By using equipment and accessories such as small television monitors, touchscreen tablets, LED signs, music, flat screen mounts, speakers, and a floor stand or two, you instantly add value to your booth and transform it into an area that is attractive to event attendees.

Due to the fact Flat Pack Assemblers are experts inside their industry they can offer you very good rates because of their swiftness and high level of skill. When it comes to costs we would generally recommend going with a firm which charges “per item” instead of “per hour” because it is very hard to determine the time a piece of furniture will take to build. A lot of very good flat pack assembly providers should have no problem offering a price beforehand since they deal with the home furnishings day in day out – rarely does something arrive that creates confusion. Furthermore a lot of businesses currently offer a delivery service which may be an outstanding service to take advantage of particularly for cumbersome products such as large wardrobes, kitchen dining room pieces, walled TV cabinets and so on. Almost all companies can provide the actual rates on the website however if there exists an item you happen to be looking to buy that isn’t offered then you definitely should contact them and request them to quote for it.

In the rest of the article we shall be looking at the main factors exactly why a professional flat pack assembly business is a good choice for the consumer and ideally this will assist you to in the decision making about whether or not you should make use of one:. Help you save Time – Usually it will require the average person the whole weekend break to assemble a bed or closet. When you obtain a piece of flat pack furniture you want to take pleasure in it and put it to use right away. You don’t want it sitting in bits on your carpet for a week. An experienced flat pack assembly business can look after the whole lot in a small fraction of that time period. No Tools Necessary – In the event you assemble the flat pack yourself you have got to buy a power screwdriver at the minimum – Flat pack assemblers bring each and every tool they have to get the task accomplished, helping you save any additional cost.

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