There are people in the world that almost always have something taking place that prevents them from living a peaceful and harmonious existence. For these people, their life can have a lot in common with a soap opera.

Now, unlike soap operas, these people might not have people in their life who are murdered but they could experience just about everything else. For someone like this, their life is rarely going be boring or lack stimulation.

It’s Always There

From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, there could be something that consumes their attention. And even if there is nothing taking place in their life, it might not be long until there is.

Some of the people in their life could also experience life in the same way, which will give them plenty to talk about. They could spend a lot of time talking about how ‘unlucky’ they are and going over how their life never works out.

It’s Amusing

If there are people in ones life that don’t experience life in this way, they could enjoy hearing all about their stories. They could find that they feel better after they have spoken to them, due to how different their life is.

Another person could be relieved that their life is nothing like this person’s life. However, even though they might enjoy listening to them, they might not want to spend too much time around them.

A Negative Influence

If they were to do this, they may find that their life starts to get worse and that their emotional state starts to drop. It could be said that this is not much of a surprise as if someone is used to experiencing a lot of drama, they could have an energy/resonance that is not very uplifting.

Thus, another person could end up feeling drained and even wiped out if they were to spend too much time around them. For them to protect themselves, they will need to limit the amount of time that they spend around someone like this.

A Closer Look

So when someone is used to experiencing a life that is anything but peaceful and harmonious, they might be used to having trouble at work, trouble with their family and problems in their relationships.

When it comes to their work, they could often Dramacool have arguments with their colleagues, have issues with their superiors and trouble with the job itself. If they are self-employed, they could be used to having problems with their customers and the people that supply them with different things.


As for their family, they might find that they often fall out with one family member and have long periods of time when they don’t talk to this person. They might even spend a lot of time typing to keep the peace between certain family members.

If they are in an intimate relationship, they could be with someone who is hot and cold or who is abusive. Yet, if they are single, they could be used to going on dates with people that seem perfect and then disappear, giving them plenty of highs and lows.

Inner Experience

Through having these types of experiences, along with many others, there are likely to be certain feelings that they are used to having. They can be used to feeling angry, rageful, helpless, powerless, and fearful.

In addition to this, they will most likely be used to experiencing high amounts of adrenalin. Experiencing so much of this won’t be good for their health, but what it will do is give them a rush of energy and allow them to feel alive.


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