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Ever since he crossed 60, George has been getting increasingly forgetful- one of the earliest symptoms of dementia. A decade later, he stays alone in Hobart as his daughters are unable to stay with him, and is finding himself unable to take care of his own needs. Recently he forgot his medicines three days in a row- and ended up being TAUS Care in Queensland rushed to hospital. His daughter has made the decision to move him to an Aged Care facility where he will be well looked after, and there will be nurses round the clock to tend to his needs.

The Aged Care sector is an integral component of the healthcare system in Australia, and has been accorded top priority by the Australian Government. With Australia’s ageing population, this sector of community services will require larger numbers of caregivers in the future. Providing for quality care for senior citizens has been recognized as a key concern, especially as statistics show a projected three-fold increase in the numbers of aged persons with dementia over the next decade. Quality of care presently available is perceived to be improving- but the numbers of registered nurses is noted to be on the decline.

If Aged Care is the sector that you are interested in, this is the right time to make a decision in this regard, and there are a number of Aged Care courses which can set you off on this rewarding career path. The CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care is designed to give the student entry into the aged care sector as a personal care assistant. It is recognized as the standard entry qualification for workers in the Aged Care sector in Australia, and it can be considered as a pathway to becoming an Enrolled Nurse.

On completing this course, students will learn how to work effectively with older people. The course content includes mandatory hours of vocational placement, which will give the student real-life exposure in a supervised setting. This course will impart training in looking after an older person’s care needs, supporting their individual health and wellbeing, following safety procedures for direct care work and working effectively with the elderly. The elderly must be cared for with compassion, and must be supported in such a way that they can maintain their independence and live their lives with dignity. Senior citizens are in their most vulnerable stage of life, and must be given the consistently dignified care that is their right.

Individual health and emotional well-being must be taken care of, and personal care needs must be supported as well. This course teaches students how to deliver care using a palliative approach, and how to care for patients with dementia. They are taught to work cohesively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers, which is important given Australia’s multi-racial population.

Every sector in the government needs professional citizens to enact their visions. One of the crucial sectors that most people rely on is the medical industry. With regards to providing health care to every patient, the government and non-government organisations have a common goal and that is to promote a healthy and productive life for every citizen. They have the same objective but provide different health care programs. The senior residents really need a substantial support from the government most especially in health care services. Since they already reached the point wherein they can no longer work for their family, it’s time to give them the merits that they deserve.

Aged care courses must be given importance by the educators and the students as well. The community needs the utmost type of service to deliver outstanding performance when taking care of the elderly. Aged and sick patients seek for professional and comprehensive health care services so it’s just right to provide them with quality services. You will definitely be able to understand this if you have a senior family member who badly needs proper care assistance from professional medical staff. Private organisations that aim to render beneficial medical support services to the elderly have received significant attention from the government.

By the time senior employees are in their retirement age, they need to get proper financial support from the government. It’s just fair enough to give them the rewards they deserve after rendering their services to the nation. At present, countries from different continents seek many nurses, doctors, and other medical staff because there’s a growing number of aged citizens who are inadequately receiving medical services. The scarcity in medical employees is a big and serious problem that most governments are facing right now. This is a survey conducted by the world health organisation. In this case, the number of medical specialists must be added as soon as possible.

If you think you have the passion and dedication to give care to the elderly, then you should take health care courses. Once you take up a health related course, you need to possess the skills and the right attitudes to do your duties in the actual field. Every government has its own program so when you hunt for a job. You need to be familiar with the requirements and the assignments so that when you are assigned to a certain position, you will know what to do.

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