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If there is one lofty goal that the Internet hoped to fill, it is to inform and educate. If you are a news junkie or if you simply want to have the news come to you instead of you searching for the news, consider tapping into the incredible power of the Internet breaking news. There are many different ways you can stay informed on breaking news events locally, nationally, and around the world. The following isn’t a complete list, but it is a good place to start if you want to begin using the net for news.

An Rss feed is a brilliant invention that allows you to be notified every time your favorite website has new content for you to enjoy. This type of feed works best with blogs that are updated a half dozen times per day. A site like CNN, that is updated several times an hour, can drown a person in RSS notifications. To sign up for an Rss feed, enable them in your browser and then click on the orange triangle RSS logo on any website that you want to be notified about. When breaking news happens, you’ll know within seconds.

Twitter is the hottest social networking application on the internet. It allows you to subscribe to a variety of other users, including major daily newspapers from across the globe, worldwide news outlets, and even local television stations. Most of these news outlets will send out a tweet when a major story breaks, and when something like the death of Michael Jackson happens, you’ll likely hear about it from 50 sources all at once. The power of Twitter to follow breaking news is simply unparalleled, and it is now widely considered to be an invaluable news gathering tool.

Every major news outlet from CNN to your local weekly paper has a website. Most of these websites are updated throughout the day, every day of the week, to reflect breaking news stories. Granted, some of these stories are nothing more than the latest tale of a cat stuck in a tree, but if those are the types of stories you are looking to follow, then this is the service for you. It only takes a few moments to jump from news website to news website, and you’ll always be current on the latest breaking news.

Almost every major news site allows users to sign up for email alerts. An email alert is sent out when a major breaking news story hits and since these emails can be forwarded to your portable device, you’ll never be without your lifeline to breaking news. These services are free for now, although some news outlets have talked about charging for them in the future.

All companies doing business on the internet announced today that they will all adapt the 5 pillars compensation plan and will stop scamming people. They have decided that the distributor should actually make money even if they are part time people. Now with a down line of 400 people You can earn a monthly income of $10, 000. 00. No cold calls, no buying leads, etc.. No more comp. plans where only the Heavy Hitters make any money, now part timers will be able to actually get paid. And all training you need to Succeed is free.

This would be great, too bad it isn’t true, but at least I got your attention. Folks, as long as there are people to scam, there will be scammers trying to take advantage of good people. So with that being said we at Mentoring for free will be out here educating anyone who is teachable the skills to avoid the scams, bad companies, bad comp. plans, and teaching skills on how to make your business work without costing you your arms, legs, and life savings to do it.

Mentoring for free is just as it implies, Free. It is generic, no companies are mentioned, just people helping people. Everyone in Mentoring for free has been there, struggling, frustrated, and empty pockets from trying all sorts of bad comp. plans and scams. Everyone is dedicated to help you learn what is necessary for your Success in this industry.

Why do we take time out of our day and business to do this? There are many reason. One, as i said before, we have all been there, all found the help we needed to get where we are today, and want to share that same help with others. But what about the number two reason. Well for me anyway, as i help people, sometimes, not always, but sometimes people don’t have a company, or they are just getting started and need one. Or someone might just like me and ask to join my team. (After all it is a People relationship business) Folks I will tell you now, that

I work at building relationships with people, this way I know the people that i get into business with. I never ask someone to join my team, I don’t have too, they ask me, and then sometimes I let them have a look at what I do. Wow! Not your typical way to do business is it. But it works! For me at first I was looking for a way to tap into the internet and be able to work from home. To enjoy life with family and friends. I wanted out of the everyday grind of the corporate world with its stress and frustrations of uncertainty. I also wanted a way to retire with a future that i might be able to enjoy.

What I have learned (after much failure and many frustrations) is there there are 5 pillar companies that can make this possible. Then It became a burning desire within me to accomplish this. This is also something that you can receive through Mentoring for free. It changed My life, my thinking, and most of all it gave me the skills to become Successful. I learned How to think, not What to think!

If you are struggling in your business, and you are faced with failure and frustration, It’s not Your fault and and you are not alone! Most companies are designed for the part timers, and newbies to fail, this is why they have to keep recruiting and recruiting. They need that steady flow of new people to survive. These companies tell of people making thousands of dollars, but unless you are a Heavy Hitter that preys on people, it probably will only cost you big time.

Folks learn to read your policies and procedures, look for things like “termination at our discrepancy, ” “must remain active” and many others. This means you cannot retire, You can build a down line and the company can terminate you. What happens to your work? Well the company just took it from you, along with your income. (if your one of the lucky souls that actually get any money in the first place) Learn how to think, not what to think! There is free help!

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