Gabriel Fuchs, managing consultant at IBM, talks of communication as “the Holy Grail of outsourcing” in CIO Magazine. As opposed to the common idea that cutting costs is the most important factor considered in outsourcing or staff leasing, it should be for the company to know that the staff leasing or outsourcing provider has extensive infrastructure, communications that can be relied on to transmit and exchange valuable data.

He said that because of the primary belief that outsourcing lowers overhead expenses, communication is, most often than not, set aside and is where things start to get messy: “focusing on IT costs alone will not make a difference to the IT organization unless there is an actual understanding of what is going on. Sure, any project manager will know the importance of communicating so that expectations will-at least in theory-match the deliverables. And even if the project managers do it all by the book, it is still often a limited audience that gets the information.”

Look into dozens of staff leasing and outsourcing providers before deciding on leasing staff from one of them. Aside from accurate communications, here are a few more pointers that are valuable in the decision-making process:

o Compliance to All Applicable Rules and Regulations. Besides conforming to government laws, your staff leasing company should also abide by your agreement; transparency should be imposed so as not to cloud key tasks and responsibilities to carry out.

o Limitations Due to Time Differences. Find out if the staff leasing company offers flexible time schemes. The ones that allow their staff to work during your working hours is a great advantage because it will let you monitor input and have direct control over operations. More importantly, you can come up with solutions right away in case problems occur.

o Familiarity in Both Outsourcing and Corporate procedures. Staff leasing or outsourcing companies in general provides the skill sets, but they should be able to handle workplace matters as practical as the way they offer outsourcing tasks.

o Excellence in Project 24HR STAFF Management. Make sure you collaborate with a staff leasing company that employs staff and project supervisors with good management skills regarding project planning and implementation. This is to ensure that each task or project is executed orderly and adheres to specific time frames.

o Best Value for Your Money. Sure, staff leasing saves you money. But does it guarantee commitment to quality? How long does it take to start the actual work? Are efficiency rates parallel to fees? These are but a few questions you need to ask yourself. Generally, you have to asses the overall characteristics of each offshore vendor and see if outsourcing truly is for you.

ManageStaffing is a staff leasing company that provides a range of skill sets that suit your business needs. Our value-added, technology-supported solutions help your company increase business productivity at low rates.

We are located at the world’s favorite back office operations site – Makati, Philippines. Our proficiency in English along with our established infrastructure enables smooth and unmistakable communication and the convenient delivery of product input. Attributable to today’s technological advancements, communication barriers are a thing of the past. Instant messaging, emailing, and even video conferencing enable us to be in touch whenever and wherever you may be.

Our team entirely consists of educated and proficient degree holders in their respective areas of expertise, which sets us apart from other staff leasing firms in the market. Our Webmasters, Web Developers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Systems Administrators, Programmers, Multimedia Artists, Creative Writers and Virtual Assistants are formally learned and trained further to make sure only world class quality work is carried out.


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